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Tips for planning a memorable family motorhome holiday

Thinking of hiring a motorhome to head out into the great outdoors?

At Freedhome we are motorhome hire experts (the best in the UK, but this is a page of tips, not for hard sell!). There is very little we don’t know about motorhomes, possibly nothing.

In this page, we will run through a few basic tips, if you want more advanced or follow-up points please just drop us a line or send us a message on social media.


Planned vs Going wild

A motorhome gives you amazing freedom, you can tour the country, or even Europe and play it very much by ear. However, while that is a dream for some, it might be more of a stress-inducing nightmare for others.

Much depends on your personality and the make-up of your family. How would you feel if by 5pm you hadn't found anywhere great to stay yet? Relaxed, you've got the guide book, you know there's a great place 20 miles away - it will be fine. Or, would this be ruining your day? Would the kids be stressed?

Some people need more routine than others, some need more of a fixed schedule.

We can't answer this one for you, though we can help to some extent. Rent from us and Camping and Caravanning Club membership is included so you have access to hundreds of hidden gems where you can park up.

If you want to go wild camping, read up on what is acceptable where you are going - Scotland and England have very different rules, and France can be wonderful for playing it by ear. Don't worry, we can provide plenty of tips and let you in on a few of our favourite spots that are perfect for a motorhome holiday.


Plan for mixed weather

If you are heading to Spain in July you may be able to predict it will be mostly sunny (although the occasional storm may catch you out). In the UK - well, you know what our climate is like.

Your motorhome can be a wonderful home from home, but as with any home if you are stuck inside for hours there does need to be something to do.

You will have the technology, but it is also nice to have other options. Board games, perhaps cooking tasks that can make a fun activity (a spot of baking is entirely possible in a larger motorhome), ball games to play under the canopy. You might pack binoculars to take in the surroundings or go equipped with extra towels and wet weather clothes so you can be active even when the rain is pouring.


Have a go at Driving a Motorhome

Modern motorhomes are great to drive. The engines pack a punch and so joining the motorway up the slip road is easy, drivers have a great view of the road (far better than in most cars) and they are maneuverable.

However, it is only natural to have a slight concern if you have never driven something this big previously. You may want to avoid booking and being completely unsure how you will feel once you head off on to country roads.

Two tips for motorhome holidays. Firstly, you don’t generally need to go on anything approaching a minor road to get truly out into the countryside. A trip the Lake District is a journey up the M6 and then along an A-road, for instance you can head to a secluded village around Keswick by simply going M6 and A666 without ever coming near to a narrow road.

Secondly, motorhomes are not as wide as you might think, they just use space amazingly. When looking to hire, simply pop in and have a test drive. Also, it is worth noting that if you do go down a smaller lane, cars generally get out of the way for you! They will be the ones pulling on to the grass verge.


Practise Using the Features Before Your Road Trip

Your modern motorhome might have a huge array of features, ranging from entertainment systems to hidden storage, to mechanical awnings.

On your first motorhome holiday you may want to avoid having a stressful first night when you are trying to work out how to set the motorhome up for sleeping mode. it will be easy to do, but things are also easier when you have had a look at the instructions first.

Get a feel for your motorhome, after all you will be amazed by some of the modern conveniences.

Plan the logistics of the day

Nobody likes to think about logistics on holiday, certainly not on your motorhome trip.

However, a little forethought can make the trips out into the fresh air go so much better.

If you are heading to the beach, where are you going to park? Roadside by the beach might not be the best option if that is what the world is doing. Is there a parking spot that is great for campervans and motorhomes, or would it be best to get there early? One huge benefit of a motorhome holiday is you can get there a bit early - and then just chill for a bit in your home from home, perhaps with hot chocolate to hand!

If you are heading inland to an attraction, then what is the best route, and have a look at the map as well as the sat nav to check it is a route that seems genuinely sensible. Motorhomes might be great to drive, but doing a three-point turn in a narrow lane is stressful in any vehicle.

The perfect motorhome holiday is easy to achieve, but a little bit of planning sure helps.


Motorhome Holidays - Vehicle Size

A range of vehicles and living space configurations are available, but it is not always quite as simple as just picking any campervan that has the right number of berths.

For campervan trips for a family, we are going to assume that a two-berth is not the best option, but then is 4-berth or 6 better?

Have four in the family, so book a four berth? If the kids are teenagers, or if you want to pack a lot of stuff - err - possessions then you may welcome the extra space of a six berth. It's much the same as a house, a growing family might value having an extra spare bedroom, even if it is only providing extra space.

A modern camper van has many ways of saving space and they are amazing for family travel, but a bit of extra space can certainly help on those rainy days where you want to spread out and relax.


Involve the Kids in planning the Motorhome Trip

Let the whole family help choose the right campsite, or the attractions you will visit. You have the flexibility to head anywhere, so use this.

Let the kids explore Google Maps pre trip to find things of interest to them. Can they help to search for family friendly camping areas that are great fun for them?


Pack Motorhome Essentials

Your motorhome should be equipped with most essentials you need, for instance a first aid kit. We also have comprehensive lists of what you may wish to pack.

But, think of items such as:

Playing cards, board games, the bikes, walking boots, beach toys, badminton set (after all, an impromptu game of badminton in a wonderful setting is great fun!).

Also, get the list of what is included in the motorhome you hire. It will have a fire extinguisher, while the kitchen should include essentials such as bottle opener and corkscrew. There is no point packing items already included.


Don't Stress - You have freedom

If you have forgotten something, you have a vehicle perfect for heading into town so you can do a spot of shopping. if you find the campsite a disappointment - well, it's not as fixed as being booked into a hotel in Spain. You can cut your losses and drive on.

You will have an amazing first trip but also learn so much about motorhome vacations and be speaking like an old hand in no time!


Next Steps

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