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How to choose the right motorhome hire

Heading out on a motorhome holiday – it’s a great choice for vacation and we are certain you will love it, but you may have a question or two.

Which motorhome is right for you, and how do you go about deciding?

At Freedhome, we are the UK’s leading experts, we wave off hundreds of holidaymakers each and every year in our fleet of new and near-new motorhomes for hire.

We have also learnt a thing or two, and so here are a few tips to help you find the campervan of your dreams.


Ask the Motorhome Hire Experts

Our first tip is simply to suggest that anyone who is planning a motorhome vacation, but is unsure which motorhome is for them should seek advice.

Ask us, or another reputable motorhome hire dealer for a bit of help. We can ask you a few simple questions and then narrow down the options to just a few. How many are in your party and what ages? What are your plans for the holiday – do you head out and do a tonne of water sports, or are city breaks and culture more your thing?

Where are you going? While most motorhomes are great for almost any climate, the vehicle you want for Spain in the heart of summer might be different from one you would take to Scotland in January (you might also want to pack different clothes).

You will still have a choice of vehicles for consideration, but  this will be a few and not the entire fleet!


What’s Included with the Motorhome Holiday rental

One key difference maker between those who rent motorhomes is what you get within the rental.

You get a campervan, that is a given, but even this will vary greatly – for instance, all our stock is close to brand new, with some others you might be disappointed to take delivery of a vehicle that has a tape deck, rather than Apple Music.

Then, there are the other items you need. Insurance – is that included, and to what level, and does it cover wild camping, or Europe?

What do you do with your car (we have client parking and so you can leave it with us in a secure setting).

Is there breakdown cover and an emergency contact. Sometimes things go wrong, a ferry might be cancelled or roadworks stop you reaching the terminal to return to the UK in time. Having a contact number with a friendly voice on the other end who can help advise on the problem, and reassure you that it isn’t the end of the world certainly helps.


List the essentials for you motorhome

It is all too easy to have your head turned when you see the range of shiny modern motorhomes a quality motorhome hire specialist can provide.

And, worry not, whatever you choose it will not be short on luxury.

However there will be certain things that are key to your unique holiday. What are the must-haves? List these and then chat them through when you visit. 

After all, you will regret it if you find that mid holiday, a bike rack would have been more useful than one for wine.


Ease of Driving Or Vehicle Size for Motorhome Hire

This one might be a trick!

Many new to motorhome holidays assume that the larger the vehicle, the more taxing it is to drive. In reality, this is rarely the case.

While vehicle length varies, width only does to a much lesser degree. An extra metre length wise does not make driving more difficult in most circumstances, whereas a metre of extra width would clearly create issues on narrow country lanes.

What you have is a superb driving position, wonderful vision with the mirrors and many will have added luxuries such as parking and reversing cameras. 

Doubts can be put to bed – in the case of a modern motorhome likely a bed with memory foam – by simply having a test drive.

Don’t think that opting for a four-berth that you know may be a little short of space for your needs is a better option than a six berth just because of the smaller model’s perceived easier handling. It may be just that – a perceived benefit and not a real one.


Where will you be staying for the campervan holiday?

This does not mean the complete specifics – this site, in this town, but what type of location might you find to park up in?

Is the motorhome going to be sat on a modern site all week, or will you be out wild camping?

Or perhaps there will be a mix, or you want the option to play it by ear.

It can be a wonderful adventure to go that bit more off grid, but to do so you need to know what you are doing. We can help advise, but it is something to consider before you drive off!


Next Steps

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